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Volunteers are our backbone. Without them, much of the work we do would not be possible. Each year, our supporters generously give their money, time, skills, transport and energy to support our work for thousands of disadvantaged Homeless Australian and families.

We are open to all nationalities with any cultural background and pleading loud and clear to please come forward and help us to help many, we regularly requires volunteers for the following activities;

Event Volunteers?

In making a successful event, we always need more foot on the ground doing lots and lots, this includes managing and helping given tasks of the event. This may also include flyer distributions, donation collection, ticket sales, cooking, transportation and packing etc.

The White Coats Event Volunteers
Corporate Marketing Volunteers

Corporate Marketing Volunteers?

Our word to spread in Business community we require volunteers to deliver our work and message to the people they know in the Business community who can Donate willingly, all donations to us from the Business community are TAX FREE and TAX INVOICE will be provided to all organizations who donate.

In House Volunteers?

In our warehouse we always have lots of packing, stacking andcleaningwork, we require more hands possible to keep up with all the work and to organize ourselves, we are spending time inside and outside that also includes meeting families, we would love to have more people with us that can voluntarily spend few hours in a week to help us out.

Please fill out the form below, your details will be stored in our database for another event or occasion we may require volunteer, you will be notified and if you are able to participate then we would love to have you and in the event if you happened to be occupied then there is always next time so please don’t hesitate and put your hands up voluntarily.

The White Coats in house volunteers


Thanks so much for intending to join hands. Remember registered volunteer doesn’t mean you must attend an event, we will check with you when needed and if you are occupied for any reasons then you won’t be forced.

Registering yourself for either any special event or you may advise your available time that you are able to devote. You know this may require not only your time but cost for you to get to and back from the event including your meals.


Provided you meet all the requirements to be a volunteer and accepted terms and conditions, we will issue an acceptance letter and let you know all the opportunities that you can join hands, again it is a volunteer work so you have a choice whether to accept or decline to work.


Becoming a volunteer is a sign that you care and therefore you are raised your hands, feelings that we all enjoy by putting a smile on faces that are doing tough and upon receiving help they just smile which is worth a million. Be able to help one is better than anything in the world.


You will be given a brief on the full extent of work that you are required to do, we expect you to represent “The White Coats” and be as humble, helpful and passionate about the work it can be towards the program, remember our work is to make people smile by helping them to the best we can, we don’t discriminate anyone with their ethnicity background, religion or sex, it is just about pure help.