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With over 31,000 followers on our social media, there is a great opportunity for a local business to get familiar with local community.

You will be supporting a great cause, which is worth every cent in a dollar where the money is going to, if you would like to know more about our work and would like to witness what and how we do, please feel free to come along as a volunteer and be involved and see all by yourself.

There are many options to join hands such as;

Website Ads:

  • Small Ad with a hyperlink to your website for $1,000 a month.
  • Small Ads of 3 with a hyperlink to your website for $2,500 a month.
  • Large Ad with a hyperlink to your website for $3,000 a month.

All your ads will also be advertised twice weekly in our social media for a month.

Vehicle Signage Van Add

Vehicle Signage:

  • We have 3 vehicles all branded with signs all over, there is space all around for sponsor advertisement, and we offer $2,000 a month per vehicle signage.

BBQ Dinner – Youth Mentoring:

  • For youth mentoring we usually have an event first Friday night of each month. We hire or arrange a convenient place for gathering where we have prominent personalities delivering talks to youth to stay on a right path. Mostly volunteers host this event but some expense such as BBQ, place and other related expenses are still there, we offer to sponsor our event only for $5,000.
  • This sponsorship will let you have a small ad on our website.
  • Your small ad in our flyer.
  • Your ad is in our email template.
  • Roll Up Banner or any other banner you may supply will be placed at the event.
  • Personal Introduction by host.
  • Special thanks and gratitude’s including introduction of your business delivered by host at the event.
BBQ Dinner with White Coats Charity
Hygiene Packs for homeless in australia

Hygiene Packs:

  • Ladies hygiene packs for $80 per pack.
  • Men’s hygiene packs for $60 per pack.


Hygiene packs for woman:

  • Hair brush
  • Hair ties
  • Toothbrush
  • Tooth Paste
  • Deodorant-body spray/roll on
  • Packet of pads
  • Body wash & loadfer
  • Face washers or small towel
  • Shampoo/Confitioner

For MEN its the same excluding the sanitary item

Please sponsor as many packs as possible.

Food Pack (Homeless):

  • Most days and nights, we are out there to provide homeless some basic needs, whether it will be a hygiene pack or a food pack for either dinner or lunch, most packs are usually packed individually by ourselves, volunteers and supporters, rough estimate for each pack is around $15 per pack.

Please sponsor as many packs as possible.

Food Pack (Homeless)
Energy Or Snack Pack For Homeless people

Energy Or Snack Pack

please include nuts,muesli bars,dried fruits,chocolate,protein bars and whatever else you like.
Once you have made your packs please inbox us. Including your location,Your number whether or not you need us to pick these items

Please contact us to discuss further in details, your support is much appreciated which can help many that are doing tough.