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Born as Christopher Yatras, Bilal Islam grew up as a Maronite Christian with a paternal Greek Orthodox background in South Western Sydney, where he has lived ever since he was born 28 years ago. Shaped by his Greek and Lebanese ancestry, Bilal discovered Islam after making unexpected friends in his late teens, and after an interesting journey of discovery, Bilal converted to Islam at the age of 19. Bilal’s spiritual journey was not without huge sacrifices in his life including having estranged relationships with his family …



Born and raised in Auburn in Western Sydney, Kamel Zaoud, 35, is a husband of 16 years and a father of three beautiful children. Kamel, son of Lebanon migrants, also worked as a plumber for 16 years with some work in the telecommunications industry until giving it all up to work full time as a volunteer on The Homeless Run and The White Coats Charity in mid-2015.
At the local mosque where he met Omar Ammoun and Bilal Islam, Kamel had been working to engage and mentor ‘troubled’ teens for over two years when….



Born in Australia, with a Mexican heritage, for over half of his life, Omar Ammoun has been a Cabinet Maker by trade. Growing up in Croydon close to his birthplace of Campsie, Omar spent most of his life in Greenacre in South Western Sydney where he still resides. An enthusiastic rugby union player for many years, Omar never thought at the age of 32 he would be working in the community sector providing services to people who need it most, an area he has never worked in before…