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The White Coats is an organization known for helping homeless people, it started some four years ago as “The Homeless Run”, we have helped thousands of people in need with all kinds of help we could with our own resources, time and by providing them with the basic needs of life, having the safe accommodation with basic necessities such as foods and clothes being basic requirement of a human being and that’s exactly what motivate us to help as many as possible.

We are always on a “Homelessrun” most weekend nights and wherever we find people on the street, we try help them as much as possible, having to see a hungry person lying on a street with torn clothes and shoes with no blanket is not something anyone could sleep on, therefore we get out there with as much resources we have to help the neediest. We usually provide homeless people hot meals, blankets, and hygiene packs.


Tragically, around 0.5% of the Australia population is homeless, in which almost half are female and most of them with young children. Most homeless once had a good life or story to tell in their golden days, unfortunate things happened in everyone’s lives at some stage, those who don’t make it ends up on the street without food, clothes and shelter.