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The White Coats Charity Inc. has no formal funding from government agencies at any level of government. It does not have formal grant money. The entire operations including all goods and services provided by the Charity are entirely reliant on the money and items being donated by everyday community members and businesses.The Charity is completely run on the generosity and donations of people and businesses who trust us to give it to people who need it most.

Who do we help?

The White Coats Charity do not judge or discriminate. We believe in everyone having a right to equal justice and access for a better quality of life and that all people have a right to live with dignity. We help people of all faiths, ages, abilities, backgrounds and gender and base our work on the belief that by promoting charity, we can help encourage a love of all people.

  • The White Coats provides assistance to:
  • people living in poverty
  • women in desperate need of some extra support
  • victims and survivors of family violence
  • young people feeling left out and put down
  • people with drug dependence
  • older people living in isolation
  • people with disabilities or face barriers to access and support
  • new arrivals to Australia with no support
  • homeless people and people at risk of being homeless
how do we help

How do we help ?

We do this by giving out:

  • Hot meals
  • Groceries and general food packs
  • Food vouchers
  • Hygiene and sanitary packs
  • Blankets and warm clothing
  • Furniture including lounges and mattresses
  • General Whitegoods
  • Other general household items

We also help by:

  • Mentoring young people and connecting them to better opportunities.
  • Working to empower young people to build a life away from drugs and crime.
  • Strengthening support networks and working with other charities.
  • Providing emergency housing and accommodation.