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All our recipients are normal human beings like ourselves; circumstance has put them in a situation that they are today recipients of donations. We respect all, and we only give them new items that they need with absolute discretion.

Unfortunately, we have very limited resources of funds and demand is enormous, we can only help handful people, we request you to kindly take part and be generous with your donations, which we guarantee to serve the person(s) in most need.

Please donate and do your bit to add some goodness to humanity that won’t just ease the precious lives but will also reward you thousand folds hereafter.
If you have some spare items that are new and in good condition and you can donate, provided they are unused, we can accept those items and have them donate to needy at our earliest or as the requirement arises. Our warehouse is purpose built to accept all donations.


Only 2nd hand vehicles are accepted, but it must be in a good working order with valid registration and ready to be given away. Please advise if there are any faults you know of which needs to be rectified before giving away, we will have all the problems fixed first.

Our process to help the needy either with money, household items or used vehicles remains the same; we assess all request on its merit and carry out our internal due diligence to ensure we provide to the neediest.

Please email us at if you require proof of your donation