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The White Coats Charity Inc. was formerly known as “The Homeless Run”

Bilal Islam started the Homeless Run almost four years ago with his last $100, Bilal started the Run alone with the support of his wife, cooking hot meals for the homeless people living across Sydney. Bilal wanted to make a difference to the way Muslims were perceived in Australia and most importantly to the people who needed the help most.

The White Coats have a prominent Facebook presence with over 30,000 followers and completely run by a group of extremely active volunteers.


Since it started three years ago, Bilal gathered the local support of young men from his local mosque and the team of volunteers have since provided over 20,000 hot meals, hygiene packs and warmth to homeless people across Sydney since it began. Expanding the scope of its work over the years to include all people in need, and have thankfully had the opportunity to help thousands of people.

The Homeless Run has now become a major initiative of the Charity. The Charity itself was set up to expand on its existing work. It has was registered Australian Charity in March 2016 and was approved as a Public Benevolent Institution that helps alleviate poverty and distress to people living in NSW.